Family Sponsorship

The Family Sponsorship Program allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their relatives who will become permanent residents and can live, work and study in canada permanently. The Family Sponsorship Program comes under the Government of Canada.There are a number of relationships that qualify for Family Class Sponsorship which includes spouses and parents and grandparents, children, and other family relationships.For parents and grandparents of the applicants, there is also the Super Visa program.
The sponsor will make acceptable efforts to provide all the essential needs of the spouse or relative brought to Canada. The sponsor is liable for making sure that the spouse or relative does not seek out financial assistance from the government. The sponsorship agreement requires the sponsor to provide financial support as well.

To become an eligible as a sponsor,he/she must be in the Canadian or Canadian Permanent Resident there.In addition, a sponsor cannot be subject to any criminal case, removal order and detained in prison.

Sponsors living outside Canada
Canadian citizens living outside of Canada can also sponsor their spouse,conjugal partner or dependent children.Permanent residents residing abroad may not sponsor their family from outside Canada.
Individuals interested in applying under the Family Class sponsorship category may obtain an assessment of their eligibility by completing our Free Online Evaluation.