Investors Entrepreneurs Self Employed Visa


The investor,Enterpreneurs or Self-Employed Program attracts those applicants who intend to own and actively manage a business in Canada.The aim of Canadian immigration program is to grow the Canadian economy and creating new jobs for Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents.There are four different classes available under this program, all have their own criteria and requirements:

  • Immigrant Investor
  • Federal Entrepreneur
  • Self-Employed Persons
  • Start-Up Visa Program
  • Under this program, applicants must have the experience and capability to make a contribution to the cultural or either sporting life in Canada as artisans or the professionalist at an international level or they can purchase and manage a acreage in Canada.Once the applicant gets approval under this program, the investor/applicant along with his or her family, can apply for their Canadian permanent visas.
    The Immigrant Investor Program attracts the qualified business people who can contribute to Canada’s growth by making an investment into Canada’s economy.Self-employed person is a foreign national who has relevant experience and has the intention and ability to be self-employed in Canada and to make a significant contribution to economic activities in Canada.
    Canada’s enterpreneur Visa Program points to immigrant entrepreneurs/applicants having the skills and potential to setup businesses in Canada that:
  • Are innovative
  • Can create job vacancies for Canadians
  • Can contend on a global scale

    To find out if you are eligible to invest in canada under the Inestor and enterpreneur Class, fill out a free assessment today!!